Important Survey: Health Care Worker Retention and Resilience Post COVID-19

Posted: May 11, 2021

Hello Healthcare Professionals,

We’re sending you this email and survey link because you probably helped in some way with Colorado’s response to COVID-19. We are trying to learn about how you and your co-workers were impacted by your work during the pandemic. We hope to hear from anyone who supported or participated in the response about what changes need to happen and what services are needed to recover. 

This survey asks questions you probably haven’t been asked before. We ask about your experience trying to do what needed to be done during COVID-19, in your organization, with your peer groups, and in your community. We also ask what is working, what might work, what is not working, and why. The survey only takes 15 minutes for most people and you may choose to remain anonymous. 

We are independent consultants working on behalf of a Colorado Healthcare Coalition and the Department of Public Health and Environment. We will collect the data and help make recommendations about which services and programs organizations should invest in. However, part of our job is to ensure that no employer or regulatory agency (including the sponsor organizations) will ever know which individuals took the survey or what their responses were. 

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Thank you,

Heather Cook, MPH, MA, LPC
HECO Consulting, LLC

Thomas Dunn, PhD
Professor of Psychological Sciences
University of Northern Colorado