CPA Position Statements

May 1, 2020
Black Lives Matter - CPA Responds to the George Floyd Tragedy

George Floyd’s torture and murder at the hands of a white police officer has left the world reeling.  People are experiencing an emotional conflagration too familiar in this country; flames of racism, injustice, subjugation, torture, unlawful killing, and fear have engulfed us all. 

The Colorado Psychological Association condemns all acts of violence and hate, and in particular stands proudly in support of, and with love for, the Black community. Beleaguered by centuries of violence and systemic racism in this country, the Black community deserves thoughtful and compassionate backing from all of us during this, its only most recent time of need in the face of countless abject injustices.  Racism and brutality against all Black people must cease, and we call upon everyone to do their part. Mere talk about change has never been enough -  action from our leaders, communities, friends, and colleagues must occur. CPA implores all psychologists to use their unique skills to ensure all people are treated with kindness, equality, dignity, and respect in a spirit of social justice. 

CPA believes in the celebration and affirmation of diversity in all forms. To further our mission as the Voice of Psychology in Colorado, we will be hosting several open forums on racism in America for CPA members. Details will be forthcoming. We invite you to join us as we mourn, share ideas and resources, make plans for action, and provide compassion for each other as we strive to support all the communities we serve.


Rick Ginsberg, Ph.D., President - Colorado Psychological Association 


August 8, 2019
CPA Statement on the Administration's Immigrant Family Separation Policy

The Colorado Psychological Association is deeply concerned about the well-being of children separated from their families at our border. While we are relieved that President Trump signed an executive order ending this separation policy, there we still have many questions and concerns.

Our organization supports the American Psychological Association’s June 20 and June 24 statements regarding this policy and the current border situation. See links to APA statements below.

We urge you to call your members of Congress ( let them know of your opposition to these policies and the inhumane treatment of immigrant families.

  • CPA's letter to President Trump expressing our profound concern and opposition to the Administration’s recent policy of separating immigrant parents from their children while being detained at the U.S. southern border.