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CPA is looking for members to help shape the direction and activities of the new CPA Racial Justice Task Force.

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Racial Justice Task Force Purpose: 

The purpose of the task force is to address issues pertaining to the mental health of all people affected by racism, and to develop plans for addressing and reducing systemic and acute oppression, bias, subjugation, violence, and emotional and physical abuse directed toward people of color in the state of Colorado and beyond; to address issues of privilege that promote systemic racism; and to partner with organizations in the state toward promoting racial justice.  



The specific goals of CPA Racial Justice Task Force will be determined by the work group and its chair. 


We welcome volunteers for the Task Force Chair position described below as well as for member positions on the Task Force to work with the Chair to develop goals for the Task Force.

Chair Position Description:

The Racial Justice Task Force Chair will be appointed by the CPA president for a one-year term (subject to approval by the CPA Board of Directors).  The Chair will determine the structure and composition of the task force and the meeting times, and will attend one Board of Directors meeting annually. The Chair will also lead the task force to develop goals and will provide a brief, bi-annual written update to the CPA Board of Directors on the task force's progress.   


You must be a CPA member to serve on a committee or task force or as a liaison. 

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