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Please take 2 minutes today to submit a comment to the Biden Administration asking for its newly proposed regulation to protect and strengthen access to mental health services. APA Services has created an action tool you can use. Specifically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has just released its annual Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule. This rule has serious implications across the health care field – to researchers, clinicians, educators, and students alike. It often sets the benchmark for how other insurance programs cover and reimburse for specific services and sets the standard for how new and emerging forms of treatment are covered. This year’s Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule has a particular focus on mental and behavioral health, meaning that all representing the fields of psychology and behavioral health have a unique opportunity to elevate psychologists’ voice and the key role they play in mental health treatment.

Feed free to contact me if you have any questions! 
Michelle Dawson, PsyD
CPA Federal Advocacy Coordinator 

Please do not sit this campaign out – join our effort today!

Take Action Today


Closed Campaigns: 

As our nation continues to confront a national gun violence emergency, it is clear that psychology’s influence is needed now more than ever to address the crisis impacting families and our communities. APA Services has been at the forefront in fighting for common-sense and science-based solutions to address this public health emergency. With Congress on the cusp of passing the first comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation in nearly 30 years, we need your help.  

contact your Members of Congress as soon as possible and tell them to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. We expect these votes to happen shortly. This life-saving legislation makes critical investments in funding local initiatives like extreme risk protection order laws and crisis intervention programs as well as closing loopholes to reinforce firearms bans for domestic abusers. Moreover, the legislation will work to enhance the federal background check system for individuals under the age of 21 who attempt to purchase firearms. Also vital to these efforts is increasing access to mental health services and supports by expanding Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) and school-based health programs under Medicaid. There's still much more work to be done but these provisions, amongst others in the bill, are an important step forward in preventing gun violence tragedies.


Katherine B. McGuire, MS
Chief Advocacy Officer
American Psychological Association