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CPA plans and hosts great events and educational opportunities. These events have included live webinars which offer various hours of CE. CPA understands that not everyone will be able to view the webinar live, so we are providing playback of these recordings. Members and non-members are able to receive  CE by following the instructions provided for each webinar recording.

Learning Management Center

Education is available on-demand in CPA's Learning Management Center! Members - take advantage of your member benefits and earn CEs!

The Learning Management Center is a quick, relevant and simple way to consume education — delivered without any road blocks. This Learning Center is made for delivering virtual courses and webinars, managing documents, administering and tracking certification programs, and issuing and scoring assessments.

These on-demand courses offer an easy, attractive and affordable way for psychologists to gain education on their own time and at their own speed!

The Learning Management Center's certification automation easily rewards success by issuing CEs and certificates to learners and online attendees through an automated tool which requires completion of certain components to unlock coveted educational hours and certifications. Once a course is taken and the quiz or assessment successfully passed, the learner receives an email with a personalized CE certificate of completion attached.

CPA Continuing Education Tracker: My CEs

In addition, any education taken through CPA's Learning Management Center is automatically recorded to the learner's web site profile. Simply login to the web site, and click on "My CEs" to view. Individuals can manually add other education courses taken outside of the CPA Learning Management Center so that all CE is recorded and tracked in one easy to find place. CE transcripts can be downloaded and printed in a pdf document.

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