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Your member profile is now a gateway to connect and engage with other members of our community. From here you can access exclusive member only content. Coming soon there will be a Membership Directory, a Virtual Bill Folder, and access to archived CPA broadcasts. Some of the new features of our website include:

  • Similar to Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections, you can now form connections with your friends and colleagues.
  • Create albums and upload photos to your profile to share with other members.
  • Status messages give you a way to share what you’re working on with other members.
  • Profiles have a “wall” where connections can leave messages for each other.


To get started:

1. Upload a profile picture or edit your existing one.
2. Make connections with friends and colleagues.
3. Send private messages to one or more members at a time.
4. New privacy settings allow you to control who has access to each area of your profile.

Learn more about these new features by watching this short video.