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Successful Fall Symposium Sets the Stage for CPA's Future Endeavors

The recent Fall Symposium organized by the Colorado Psychological Association (CPA) has been hailed as a resounding success, garnering positive feedback for its professional speakers and enriching educational content. The event, orchestrated by the dedicated planning committee, has paved the way for CPA's next ambitious venture—the 2024 Spring Symposium, which will cast a spotlight on the intersection of social media and behavior. A call for speakers is expected to attract experts and thought leaders eager to contribute to this pertinent and evolving conversation.

Following the symposium, CPA continued its tradition with the annual PAC/Happy Hour event, held at New Terrain Brewing Co. This event provided a casual platform for networking and fostering connections within the psychological community. Among the distinguished attendees were CPA Lobbyist Jeannie Vanderburg and special guest Rep. Judy Amabile. Rep. Amabile, a key figure in the passing of HB23-1071 (Prescriptive Authority legislation) received the prestigious "Friend of Psychology" award from CPA in recognition of her advocacy and support. Other prime sponsors of HB23-1071 to receive this award are Rep. Mary Bradfield, Senator Cleave Simpson, and Senator Steve Fenberg, all of whom have played pivotal roles in advancing the field of psychology within the legislative landscape.

Brian Beaumund (CPA Past President)

Lobbyist Jeannie Vanderburg

Lobbyist Jeannie Vanderburg

Rep. Judy Amabile


As CPA looks forward to the 2024 Spring Symposium, the organization remains committed to providing a platform for dialogue, education, and recognition within the psychological community. The upcoming symposium on social media and behavior promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic intersection, further solidifying CPA's role as a leader in advancing the field.


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The Colorado Psychologist: November 2023

Your November 2023 edition of The Colorado Psychologist is now available. You can also view the TCP on the CPA website by logging in to your member profile and viewing here 

Inside this issue:  

  • Message from the President
  • CPA Calendar
  • Message from the Editors
  • Interview with a Psychologist: Dr. Jana Lomax
  • Case Formulation for Couples
  • CPA Member's Corner
  • Determining the Standards of Care
  • APA's August 2023 Council of Representatives Meeting
  • CPA Leadership & Advertising Rates

CPA's Next Coffee/Networking Event!

Friday, December 8th
8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Please join CPA members and leaders for a coffee/light breakfast networking event where you can meet CPA members and leaders, share information about your role as a psychologist, and create new connections.  Bring business cards, flyers, brochures, or just yourself and join us!  You do NOT need to be a CPA member to attend.
Where: Marigold Assessment and Psychotherapy 455 N Sherman St Ste 462, Denver, CO, 80203

Welcome New CPA Members!

The Colorado Psychological Association would like to recognize and welcome the following new members who joined CPA in October!

  • Jason Kissell
  • Louise Bickman
  • Lindsay Triehy
  • Shandra Brown Levey
  • Rachel Kirkman
  • Nora Moore
  • Maggie Creegan
  • Joshua Bock
  • Andrew Sears
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